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>> good evening everyone. i'm allen wong. tonight bay area families are hearing from loved ones whose boat sunk off the coast of baja mexico. but mexican officials give up hope of 7 american tourist still
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missing. the boat left for a 7 day fishing trip but early yesterday morning the boat hit what is described as a freak storm. according to the navy 2 giant waves swamped the boat causing to it capsize. 2:30 this morning. no may day call so 19 tourist and all 16 crew members hung to coolers, rescue ring and life vest for hours before somewhere someone discovered some discovered by other fishing boat as they tried to swim to shore. >> myself and about 26 other guys came to mexico which we have done for the last three years for a fishing vacation and adventure. at about 2:30 on the 3rd of july passenger were his awake ended by other passengers and crew members and alerted that the ship was sinking. passengers were in the water for over 16 hours. >>reporter: that's charles gibson a police officer with the contra costa county community college district. more tonight from david louie.
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>> it was not easy getting ashore. it was the dark of night. 105 foot boat had capsized tossing the passengers into storm tossed seas. and shore was some 2 miles away. >> some of the people on the water made it to shore by swimming. and walked to town and that is how they alerted the mexican navy in the first place. >> 43-year-old man clung on to ice chest for flotation with two others. he later tried to swim to shore but couldn't make it because of the strong currents. >> had to do some swimming. had life jacket on and they did have time to put on life jacket so that's good thing he's a strong swirm. >> storm that capsize the boat generated stronger winds than expected. >> if mexican official said the storm generated gust but no one knew they would be hurricane force. it's believed one large swell lifted the boat then followed by a larger"n one that caused the vessel to capsize. the u.s. coast guard launched search an rescue who want they
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are morning in hopes of spotting survivors in the water from 300 feet. despite day long mission, no one was found. the eric has air condition cabin that accommodate 2 to 6 people and the ship board dining. week long fishing excursion cost 800 dollars per person. for the wife a short phone call from mexico was good news. >> he says i'm fine i'm okay i just needed to give you word that things are going and people are still missing so still looking for them. >> survivor michaelening of belmont sent word back to the bay area he intends to stay in mexico until the fate of all the missing people finally determined. in saramone,e, dad lou abc 7 news. >>an msing and presumed dead tonight after the current swept him into the russian river in sonoma county. firefighters say the man was pushing a woman in an inflatable raft when he slipped off a sand bar at the beach. woman was safely pulled from the river but after searching for hours, the dive team, crews
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were unable to find the man. firefighters say that specific area of the river can be dangerous for inexperienced swimmers. >> if 6 to the 8 inches deep and then right out of it ripple all of a sudden it drops off to continue feet or so-so they get swept out. can't swim. they fall about current takes them right out in the deep stuff and can't swim and start screaming. . >> while crew searching for the man they pulled 4 kids from the river who were also swept up by the strong current. we are learning more about the incident last night where bart officers shot and killed a man at the civic center station in san francisco. but it's the shooting the chief of police is defending tonight. if we have the story. >> reporter: the call came in last night for a drunk wobble man standing on the civic center station platform. 2 officers arrived at 9:45. confrontation took place and
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officers suffered a minor cut on his arm. and just one minute after they walked on to the platform shots were fired. >> within a minute they reported dispatch shots fired. suspect was down. shots pl officers were not injured at the time. >>reporter: we have learned there were at least 3 shots in all. one of the officers was also armed with a taser. bart chief could not say why he did not use it. >> at this point i can answer that question but taser is a tool. >>reporter: bart also won't identify the officers but the agency did volunteer their race white and asian. suspect who died at the hospital was also white. authorities still don't know his identity. police found a broken bottle and 2 knives at the scene. ba chief says his officers did not walk in firing. >> want to make sure the public knows that no bart police officer pl are not overly
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aggressive. they are out ther there. definitely out there doing their job. trying to make the system safe. >>reporter: as many as 3 people on the platform witness what happened. and like the agency last high profile officer involved shooting, this one was caught on tour vail answer camera. but this time around bart says a lot has changed since former bart officer messerly shot and killed unarmed passenger other car grant including more and better officer training. >> this time we are out front of this and if we don't know the answer or can't get the answer we tell why we are not releasing information. >>reporter: the 2 officers are on paid administrative leave that is standard in officer involved shooting cases and in addition to an independent bart officer this shooting is also being investigated by san francisco police department. reporting in san francisco, abc 7 news. combative prisoner being blamed for a rollover accident involving a richmond police car this morning. police say theç
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officer lost control of his car after the prisoner being transported to jail martinez began spitting on him. while trying to block the man spit the officer veered off the road, rolled over and hit another car. 4 people were taken to the hospital but no one was seriously injured. big nature for fireworks. both legal and illegal. this ace live picture over oakland from sky 7 hd and we have seen what appears to be some illegal fireworks and various parts of the city. meanwhile some 200,000 people are expected to flock to san francisco waterfront for the big fireworks show there. big event set for 9:30 in. if thomas is there live on the ground at the embarcadero what does it look like? >>reporter: looks packed down here. we are at the awe acquatic park. thousands of people filled the park waiting for the fireworks that start in about 20 minutes and good news is that this sky is clear so
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should be spectacular show. as the sunny temperature drops and grounds are jam packed with people enjoying music and each other waiting for the firework fireworks. local resident are all wrapped up knowing how fickle the temperatures can be here in july. but the temperature dropped to san diego by surprise. >> i wore a jacket and it's not enough. so i am investing in the economy and i have a style sweatshirt so bring on the fourth of july. >> people streaming in the waterfront for the fourth of july fireworks. traffic snarled for hours due to the crowd along the embarcadero street closure confuse drivers and stopped traffic. one fireworks display will go off by the municipal pier near the park. mike and elizabeth are here from connecticut to celebrate the first wedding anniversary and are getting a treat. >> first time we have been to the west coast and we are here for two days so far we are here until the end of the week. go
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catch a giants game on friday and enjoy everything san francisco has to offer. >>reporter: old glory on display all over the bay front and well represented here in north beach. he brought his parents to watch the fireworks. he says independence day is special to them. >> my mom father there they are from mexico and guatemala and celebrating same thing. they love it. >>reporter: san francisco police are on site. police have stepped up dui patrol this weekend. captain about says dui arrest are up. >> as of 2:00 o'clock this afternoon we have if 24 people in custody between san francisco pd and the california highway patrol in san francisco county. >>reporter: san francisco police say they want everyone to enjoy the fireworks display tonight but they are warning everyone that they have got dui patrol throughout the city and on the approach to the bridges and freeway. live in san francisco, abc 7 news. all right thomas thanks. >> new research out of stanford turning assumptions about the
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cause of autism upside down. something in the environment be playing a key role in autism development? >> plus it is the fourth of july. time for barbecue. fireworks and waxing up the skis. ym holiday if winter in te middle of smivrment forecast center. triple digit inland tomorrow but cool down will follow. i have all the details in my accu-weather 7 day forecast coming up. plus. no mulching necessary. tree destined for scrap into one of a kind master pieces. news at 9:00 returns scrap into one of a kind master pieces. news at 9:00 returns in two minutes be tionz if.
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>> researchers say environmental factor play a larger role in determining autismp previously thought. the study suggest what happens
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during pregnancy or shortly after may trigger the conditio condition. lee ann explains. all yours. >>reporter: kevin has always suspected there could be non-genetic factor in autism. his son elliott is nearly 6 years old and was diagnosed several years ago. >> those of us who have children like this on the one side hope usually to find a cure. or at least a cause so that fewer and fewer children are subject to this. >>reporter: new study out of stanford suggest environmental factors must also be involved. nearly 200 sets of twins were assessed. keep in mind that identical twins share the same set of genes so if one twin has a disorder, the other one will, too. >> basically one has autism the other one also has autism barracks. >>reporter: based on past study this doctor knew that wasn't always true withdxñ identical twins. or with fraternal twins who share 50%
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of their genes. but his study the largest ever of twins proved environmental factors played a loorjer role than previously thought. his study concluded that genes account for 38 percent of autism risk. while the environment accounts for 62 percent. so what environmental risk factor are theyout? that's the big unknown. but what they seem to know is that something could be happening very early on or during the pregnancy. >> things affect the pregnancy, medication during pregnancy, toxin during pregnancy infection during pregnancy things like this i would start to look at. >>reporter: epstein would like to see more research that could identify both genetic and environmental triggers. >> more would be better. more funding. more study. better insurance coverage. l every day is a battle. >>reporter: lee ann, abc 7 news. p.m. arson investigators are trying to figure out if
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illegal fireworks sparked a fire that destroyed 37 hertz rental car near the san francisco airport yesterday. cell phone video captured the fire shortly after it started around 2:30 sunday afternoon in a grassy lot where hertz stores a lot of the extra vehicle. guest at nearby motel say they heard something that sounded like fire crackers. one man told us he thought nothing of it until he heard the commotion that followed. >> then i heard a bunch of people yelling. i heard a car take off and looked out the window and i seen the big fire. the grass started on fire then the tires just started burning. started with this car here. this got the worst damage. it just the flames the wind was so bad it just took off. >>reporter: about investigators will be back at the scene tomorrow looking for more evidence. >> in morgan hill the fourth of july celebrated with a parade and corina was there. >>reporter: many community start the day with a parade
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like this one in san jose. then the crowd go their separate way. >> go to the party and there is going to be food and do fireworks there too. >>reporter: in morgan hill though the action picks up where the parade leaves off. nearly 100 classic cars are on display in downtown. >> we get to cruise through the parade route before the parade then park them all here and sponsors give awards and everything irption family coming together morgan hill since 1896 and to many it seems this hometown celebration gets better every year. >> really patriotic. i love it here. it's great. we come every year. wouldn't miss it. >>reporter: fourth of july festivities are all organized and paid for by community group called ibc or independent day celebration. >> i.d. c is a find group. we are all volunteers and we work all year long to earn the money to do this just through volunteer donations. >>reporter: it takes 14,000 dollars alone to put on the degrees lipping fireworks
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display. this year 800 pound of fireworks will explode over community park. michael telledman has been producing pyrotechnic show for 27 years and is ready to thrill the crowd. >> most of the information is proprietary because it's very excesstive -- competitive business but we shoot up the 4 inch diameter shell and very large industrial strength roman candle. spectacular show. >>reporter: since dedicated volunteers don't rely on the city to help fund the fourth of july if he is tivshingts it advertise up to the community to make sure the birthday party ends with a pwaichblingt i think morgan hill has one of the best fireworks shows in the bay area. and we have a live band so that's fantastic. >> the fireworks show is of course a crowd pleaser. this year it lasts 18 minutes and a half of the ex blowings will take place in the final minute for the finale. in morgan hil hill, abc 7 news. all right that's not the only way to celebrate. only fourth time in 60 years they
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were skiing in lake tahoe on the fourth of july. here's pl george warren. >> only rarely do summer and winter sports converge in the tahoe basin. one suit fits both. >> today i this morning i went water skiing in lake tahoe and then l drove over here and then been skiing for the last hour or so. >>reporter: snow in the morning. water in the afternoon. beach for fireworks at night. so good time. >> here at squaw valley celebrating the red blue and white with skiing on independence day for only the fourth time in 60 years. l 25-yr-ol dana fisk was 13 the last time it happened. >> if i wasn't here for that. i wasn't drinking champagne for that either. >>reporter: record breaking winter and spring made this possible. with astounding 810 inches of total snow fall.
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>> this is better coverage than we have in the early season. it's a great snow service. fun to ski on and definitely very well covered. >>reporter: in someplaces the snow is still 10 feet deep. that's the world famous extreme downhill shoot known as the palace looking like it did in january. >> surprisingly firm. not as soft or sticky as i thought it would be. >>reporter: the ski season at squaw valley officially he saided july 4th at 2:00 p.m. about and for the rest of the lives these kid will be able to say they went skiing on the fourth of july. >> i told them i have done this once before in my life and so definitely to remember because you never know when it could happen again. >>reporter: at squaw valley. >> all right spencer has some good news for the fireworks display about to begin here on the embarcadero. that's right. skies clear. a little bit of a marine layer earlier but pulling away from the coast. skies clear in san francisco right now and concern about visibility. fireworks start very shortly. live view from the high definition roof top
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camera looking along the embarcadero which is grid locked right now. at least in 1 direction it is as people are jamming into the stoy see the big fireworks display here. let's look at the current temperature reetiond under clear sky across the bay area right now. 85 at antioch. 80 in concord. mainly 60's and 70's in the other inland location. 70 redwood city and 58 here in san francisco. these are the highlights. temperatures will rebound tomorrow bounce back up to the triple digit level in the hottest inland location so hot again tomorrow inland mild at the coast. cooling begins on wednesday and continue through the end of the week. this afternoon a little bit of coastal fog move from the north to the south i should say. we had a cooling sea breeze which brought temperatures down from yesterday level but now the fog is pulling away and pushing south ward. about almost nothing in the way of coastal follow tomorrow morning but well to the south we have sunny skies from the coast to inland areas tomorrow. high pressure will range from mid 60's on the coast to 70's and 80's around
9:21 pm
o 90's up to triple digit in the warmest inland location tomorrow. low pressure tonight on the mild side. mid to upper 50's for the most part even low to mid 60's in the inland east bay and tomorrow sunny skies if the south bay look for high pressure ranging from 88 to 89 and 94 at los gatos. on the peninsula 80 at san mateo. 85 redwood city. 86 at palo alto. mid 60's on the coast. pacifica and half moon bay. downtown san francisco 73 degrees tomorrow. 67 in the sun set district. north bay high 88 san rafael. 92 at novato and napa 93. sonoma and santa rosa at 99 clover dale 101 at ukiah. nearest bay high 75 at berkeley. 85 union city and castro valley 86 at fremon fremont. inland east bay 97 at pleasanton and danville. 98 at concord. 99 in antioch and 100 at brentwood and near monterey bay. about 68 at monterey. 78
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at santa cruz and it will sizzle 99 at gilroy and 100 at morgan hill. here's the accu-weather 7 indicate forecast. one more hot day and then we have a cool down that will continue right on through the 7 day period wechlt start cooling off on wednesday. by thursday friday inland high certainly by friday inland high only mid 80's mid 70's around the bay. upper 50's on the coast and we'll stay in that range right on through the weekend and into early next week. so tomorrow l hurl will be a bit above average in someplaces. starting friday they will be below average. that's bay area weather. >> okay. you said the sky were his clear so far for the fireworks. go to sky 7 overlooking oakland where you can see or they say it is arguably the best unofficial fireworks display in the bay area p.oakland police every year are baffled at the amount of professional grade fireworks that are launched out of residential back yards. as you
9:23 pm
can see there. that is some amazing stuff and that is not coming from a country club or the san francisco many embarcadero. that is the neighborhood in oakland. and you are looking at that live from sky 7. fares say there are more fires however on july 4th than if i other day of the year. many of them from l illegal fireworks. >> if coming up. duke and duchess continue their tour through canada. why william is being called the prince of tid tide. >> him if has a story because it grows up around people. >> new lives for old trees. cut from cities and turned into work of art. we'll be right cut from cities and turned into work of art. we'll be right back. 
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>> there was a time when a tree taken down in your yard was good for nothing but fire wood. but now green carpenter are coveting the urban wood and and finding more youghful purpose for it. here's dan ashley. >> this tree in oakland has to be cut counsel because it is undermining a retaining wall. i tree trimmers will take it apart and chip the branches for mulch but the biggest part of the tree will be spared from the fire wood pile and end up at this oakland lumber yard. >> tree is like opening up a novel. stuff inside that we don't expect and you learn about. >>reporter: master carpenter paul sees the beauty in the urban wood. he owner join ri structure. company takes tree from your ban setting. ages the wood. l and then mills it. resulting timber turned into homes. furniture and restaurants like this one in berkeley. >> when all the wood frozen in the urban forest has a story growing up around people and people do things to it the.
9:27 pm
they drive nails into it. bang the car into it. hang the hammock on to it and cut off the limb and it makes the wood have a lot of character. >>reporter: it's part of growing movement around the bay area and across the nation. in may the friends of urban forest hosted the first california urban wood conference here in the presidio. if brought together forestry experts, city and wood workers to educate them about the urban forest and to talk about the alternative uses for wood gathered from city landscaping and local yards. >> we see urban wood coming out of our city in a way that it shouldn't be. it has been chipped up right away and turned into mulch and things which are used but that value is not as strong l as a table. >>reporter: urban forestry allows wood workers access to timber they usually n't get their hands on. >> sometimes the biggest trees found in the urban area. treated like garden plants and well taken care of. >>reporter: sam came to the dprovrns ohio. he wrote the
9:28 pm
book on harvesting urban timber. >> things have taken off. things are coming together. if we are now moving to the point where we are going to have, i believe, the urban forest product industry. >>reporter: this store pacific street san francisco may be one of the beneficiary of that new industry. urban hard wood started in seattle 2001 and has now expanded to 3 stores on the west coast specializing in wood from local communities. >> people are becoming more conscientious about the product that they buy. they want something well made. want something hand made and something that is green. >>reporter: dan ashley, abc 7 news. furniture from an urban tree doesn't come cheap. table can of times cost tens of thousands of dollars. when we continues tonight. oil spill at yellow stone park. exxon mobile promises to do whatever it takes to clean up thousands of gallons of crude oil that spill and admit the damage is worse than they
9:29 pm
thought. fichlt london celebrates independence day with new statue. former american president unveiled today. nothing says patriotic like cramping your face with hot dogs. did joe chest nut keep his title. let you know in another half hour of news keep his title. let you know in another half hour of news continues in a moment 
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i want to crush more cars. i want to sell more tea cups. ♪ i need help selling bread.
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♪ i want to sell more crabs. [ male announcer ] you know where you want to take your business. i want to design more buildings. [ male announcer ] in here, small business solutions from at&t can get you there. like the at&t all for less package, starting at just $70 per month, voice plus broadband. it's the at&t network. helping you do what you do... even better. request. >> welcome back everyone. you are looking at live pictures from sky 7 hd of the fireworks display going off in sausalito tonight. that's the fourth of july celebration out there. tons of people along the marina out there. watching the
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display out there. now you are looking at san francisco off the embarcadero. that is fireworks display just under way. you can actually hear the boom from the studio in here. those are 2 areas of the fireworks being launched from simultaneously from a acquatic park and barge off in the bay. all of that is being played with music and we are, i believe, it is believed an estimated 200,000 people are line embarcadero watching that display right now. sky 7 hd live. if. >> now to the yellow stone river where hundreds of workers are cleaning up after an oil spill in montana a.exxon mobile says it will do whatever is necessary to clean up the spill admitting today the job is bigger than first thought. tonight there is now concern for wild life. here's neal. >> it is among the world best
9:33 pm
trout stream and on any other weekend in july this river might be overrun by fishermen. but tonight montana yellow stone river is flanked by nearly 200 clean up workers. >> we understand very serious event. we understand that we need to get full arm around where the exposure areas are. >>reporter: estimated 42,000 gallons gushed into the river this weekend. early theory is that powerful water flooding the community and running 4 times the normal rate may have damaged the pipeline which was shut down within 6 minutes of a huge flux in pressure reading. >> when you build a pipeline through a river you expect flood. river lick yellow stone floods all the time. we can't expect o pipeline to break ery time fod happens. >>reporter: local sfravrs captured images of birds sitting in oil but officials say they have no wide spread reports of damaged wild life. exxon mobile believes the oil has been contained to a 15 mile stretch but after early
9:34 pm
criticism from montana governo governor, officials promised to scour every inch of river to ensure nothing is missed. on what should be a relaxing holiday people here are praying this spill can be cleaned up before more damage is done news, back to you. >> tus troops in south east afghanistan celebrated independent day with a flag raising ceremony and military band. >> this may be the last july 4th ceremony spent in afghanistan for some of these soldiers. as the draw down of u.s. troops is set to begin. president obama ordered a troop reduction of 10,000 bit end of the year and another 23,000 by september 2012. military leaders say the president withdrawal plan is more aggressive than they had anticipated. >> you represent the latest in
9:35 pm
long line of hero whose have served our country with honor, you made incredible zacchary faces to protect the freedom that we all enjoy. i have got some of those heroes here with us today. >>reporter: for third year in a row the first family celebrating the fourth of july with service members and their families. more than 1,000 l military hero and loved ones gather on the south lawn for barbecue and first rate view of the national capitol fireworks tonight. the president told them america is proud of you. rock band train singleer song writer amos lee and u.s. marine band were on the schedule. >> now to american troops in their own words. 81 words to be exact. recognize them even their own words. 81 words to be exact. recognize them even if the key is a little off ♪ jose can you see ♪ by the dawn's early light ♪ what so proudly we hail at the twilight
9:36 pm
last gleaming ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars pl through the perilous fight for the rampart we watch ♪ were so gallantly streaming ♪ and the rocket red glare ♪ the bombs bursting in air ♪ of gave proof through the night fv that our flag was still there ♪ ♪ jose does that star spangled pl banner if yet wave ♪ if for the land of the free ♪ if
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and the home ♪ of the brave ♪ for the land of the free ♪ if and the home ♪ of the brave ♪ ♪ about fichlt also on this fourth of july a 10 foot bronze statue of former president reagan was unveiled in london today. him if. [applause] it was commissioned by the reagan memorial fund trust to mark 100 years since reagan birth. former secretary of state condoleeza rice was on hand representing the late president widow nancy reagan afternoon. it stands outside the u.s. embassy near figure of other former president roosevelt and eisenhower. inscription reads hagan -- reagan won the cold war without firing a shot. >> bring us face-to-face with our hero. long after they are
9:38 pm
gone. ronald reagan is a great american hero. one of america finest sons and a giant of 20th century history. >>reporter: about statue is quite different from the one unveiled in budapest last week. reagan looks more like a rock star in this one. even has a former president autograph scrawl at his feet. prince william and his new wife kate will be in los angeles later this week. tonight they are in canada having l raced 1 another on the water and there was a bit of a surprise when the duchess of cambridge took an unexpected question from a dad with his 2 little girls. here's bob woodruff. >> william may be a prince but he's always royal air force search and rescue pilot. today he showed off a difficult technique needed in case an engine fails. he sets down engine forward then takes off
9:39 pm
when or if the engine recovered. he did it more than half dozen time. >> best i have ever sean. can you imagine landing in water. >> kate showed off too. when she raced against her own husband in the dragon boat rac race. pl duchess might beat the duke. l but in the end he won. so we called ate tie. the question of babies came up again on this trip. william talked about that on the engagement day. >> we want a family so we have to start think about thaichl when the 2 little girls handed kate flowers the father asked kate if she wanted a baby. she said yes i hope to. >> they get pregnant pretty quickly afterward and you know p.m. it's nothing wrong with that. we have to keep the monarchy going for another 1,000 years. unless we get started now, ging got to keep the line going. keep it different from america.
9:40 pm
fivshltion if william and kate have a son he's third in line for the thrown but there's a movement to change the law so that the first child whether boy or girl will be third in line to become king or queen of england. >> just ahead. look inside the pchlingt we'll show the virtual city inside the world most famous 5 wall building. we'll city inside the world most famous 5 wall building. we'll be right back
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pass are sz a.
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>> nation military commanders seeing a no fly zone and when not on danger duty at the work in comfort. john takes us through the corridor of the world most famous 5 sided building. the pentagon. >> it's a fortress city unto itself. >> like to think as small economy within a small city. >>reporter: pentagon world largest low rise office building. one the nation military leaders never have to leave for dinner dry cleaning almost anything. patrick works for the pentagon mayor office which oversees everything from the drugstore to the barber shop. >> i guess it's short. >> short. cropped. military style. >>reporter: here at the pentagon there are 1 million do nut sold every year. a little
9:44 pm
under 25,000 employees that means each one of them has to eat 40 of these. i'm getting a start now. there's a best buy. several clothing shops and a post office. there's even a virginia dmv. >> best part about it. no lin line. you have to have one of these to get in. >>reporter: troops can if eton fast-food or linger over fine dining. then the notorious bistro in the center court yard. it has been called the most dangerous hot dog stand in the world and that's because up through the 1980's rumor has it when the russian trained the missile on the pentagon they set the coordinate for right there. soldier sailors airmen and marine can choose from 2 credit union and bank. >> there's money here at the pentagon somewhere. >>reporter: caught flowerless on valentine's day soldier, no problem. so if you are wife and husband works in the pentagon there noise excuse. >> none at all. >>reporter: handy for other holiday, too. i'm at the river entrance at the pentagon and one benefit to working here that nobody tells but. on the fourth of july the best place
9:45 pm
in washington to watch the fireworks is right here. el hardly compensation for repeat tour in iraq but if you return to duty here membership does have its privileges. john henry, the pentagon. all right coming up. real life aqua men. extreme divers who turn into human torpedos. >> p.m. okay. we have seen a lot of fireworks this holiday but nothing like this. the spy lot of fireworks this holiday but nothing like this. the spy cam that is giving a rocket eye
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. >> welcome back. we are giving you another look at sky 7 hd live at the san francisco fireworks display off the embarcadero. estimated 200,000 people are lining the banks to watch this. it the started at 9:30 and closing in on the grand finale of that fireworks display going on in two locations. down on the embarcadero. >> well have you ever wondered what july 4th looks like from a fireworks perspective? well wonder no longer. just watch. if there you go.
9:49 pm
19-year-old jeremiah warren tie add camera on a series of rocket and the camera survived. multiple flight. this is what you get from it. very nice. kind of like being part of the fireworks display out there on the embarcadero tonight. >> you are right. >> no fog noychlt fog. which is a great thing. now we have great visibility for the fireworks. and tomorrow i at least it's hot as a firecracker. if here's the 7 day forecast inland high up to 100 degrees warmest location tomorrow upper 80's around the bay. mid 60's on the coast. start to cool down to more moderate levels offer wednesday and by friday right on through the weekend we look at temperatures below average inland high 4 day period friday through monday mid 80's, mid 70's around the bay and only upper 50's on the coast. quite a change from what we have tomorrow.
9:50 pm
>> okay thank you very much spencer. >> and now to ocean diving. doesn't always involve day trips and rented snorkel and ill fitting fins. there is competition beneath the waves and sport called free diving. mat shows us what it is all about. fichlt they go places if human shouldn't go 60 feet under water. no oxygen. if meet the first generation of hum an torpedos. pl through the sub aquatic race course clinging to the scooters. >> basically we are free diving meet formula meets top begun. if this new sport takes free diving, diving as deep as you one breath turbo charges it. kurt a free diving guru and sports founder calls it formula 3 free diving. >> takg tody where seriously doesn't want to good to the point where everything is contracting in your body.
9:51 pm
>> why. >> fill guess many what can you do. what are we capable of as a species. that's the draw for a lot of people. >>reporter: people push it to blackout causing drowning in great enough numbers to make free diving some of the most dangerous sports in the world. but there's a tranquility down there. no cheering no. hot dog. just the thump thump of the heart. word prop and human scoot by. solitude is addictive. how many hours do you spend under water holding your breath. >> three years, 2 30 hours free diving. >> you are a man fish. >> sure. the mer man. >> abc news cayman islands. >> on to sports. shoe here. july 4th. baseball. hot dog. >> go hand in hand. all right. well, tough fourth of july for both our local nights. pablo did hit a first flash hit of
9:52 pm
the year for the giants. battle of the day for the souvenir. will it be the paddle boarder or the kayaker? souvenir. will it be the paddle boarder or the kayaker? find out next in sports.  i tell ya, i work a long day, every day. i hang my head out the window.
9:53 pm
oh man, we're delivering everything you can think of: plywood, cement. i, i enjoy the breeze on my tongue. well uh, and every weekend, seems like we're headin' down to the lake. we're pullin' a boat or somethin'. i don't know why. i just do. it's not a problem. i don't mind as long as we always stop at chevron and get that techron stuff. my ears flop around too. check it out. [ male announcer ] your car takes care of you, care for it. chevron with techron. care for your car. it's hard work; i need a nap.
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>> coming up at 11:00. dozens olive legal fireworks display are lighting up the street in oakland tonight. how police are handling that situation. >> cure for aging. why a sign activist says human will live 150 years longer. these ahead in 1 hour on abc 7 news over on
9:55 pm
channel 7. go to mike who says baseball not good for us fichlt we start off with the giants who return to the at&t park for a little home cooking with 7 gameqúefore the all starr brea break. kicking off with 4 game set against the padres. if greeting current former service members on the july 4th pre-game. tim not best stuff today. trailing in the fifth. tl single to center and score for the lead. 5 innings 7 hits given up. see you. take over the sixth and ross injured coming up on the fly ball. pull a little hamstring. giants calling it a mild strain. in the sixth pablo sandoval launches this. when it returns to earth land in the cove and 2 run shot. then the real fun begins in the water. it's a race for the ball. paddle board says i won't get there. i have to swim. kaya kayaker on line. who has it? it's the battle for it t.pan
9:56 pm
cake by the kayak look at the other guy. let me take a picture. he says yes i got your cheese right here. back to the game. 9th inning. north bay product. if deep to right. l off the landing that will find the cove. 5-3 the final. that's the bad news. good news with chris managing the all star team and well republicd with 4 pitchers. tim took the loss today. if fool goo story of the year ryan. a back in town in division play host the mariners for 3 games before facing the rangers in texas to end the first half. barbecue burger on the fourth of july. as american as it gets. our service members honored today in oakland. back from the dl. strike out former ace jack. bottom of the secon second. kurt slump of late but this helps. score and oakland take as lead. mav to the sixt
9:57 pm
sixth. him if fast ball to josh. heavy lumber on that pitch. solo shot to right center. and the game is tied. next inning. brendan ryan on the pitch. justin down right field line. third. game winning run standing up. tough loss 2-1 the final. fichlter we are this close to wing. not like we get that a position then we do nochlingt we are in position to win games we have a tying run we have the winning run at the plate. games where we come back to make it 1 run game to just not like we get the 1 run game and can't win them. we do. tour de france under way with stage 3. 123 miles flat route from this town. tv western britain still the geography. check out the tractor, atv creating the giant bicycle. amazing. if the leaders look like nascar. a little bumping going on. scoot over he says. if american has
9:58 pm
long had the talent. today turned it into a victory. sprint to the finish for the first stage wint(. team mates retain the leader yellow jerse jersey. chest nut won fifth straight hot dog eating contest on coney island today. look at those. 27-year-old down 62 dog in 10 minutes that's 6 off the record of 68. 20 thoulz calorie that is. but worth 10 grand winner check. deep dish kept pace with joe at 24 dog appease then joe pulled away winning by 9 dog. >> taste pretty good. i came out here to win. did what i had to do. crowd -- might be into pepto bismo later but i feel in great. >> former champion kobe with own pl con techlts he ate 69 dog in 10 minutes. he has been banned from the contest because he refused to join major league eating. flexing the stomach.
9:59 pm
he's not concerned with the 69 since it wasn't done in competition t.for the first time ladies were competing own division and thomas was the queen dog. scarfed down 40 of nathan finest now facing lee by 11. thomas said afterwards she is still excited to the eat dinner tonight. if chest nut made 220,000 dollars last year and has 100,000 dollar sponsorship with pep to. gorging yourself can be lucrative. >> you may have another career. >> i'll pass. that he's only 27 years old. looks 40. but it has to be an affect. no long-term study done on this but has to be an affect. >> pride of san jose. that's it for 7 news at 9:00 on tv 20. f from all of us and entire it for 7 news at 9:00 on tv 20. f from all of us and entire news team thanks for watching

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